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Roland Frasier


Dillon and his team are awesome! They took the time to understand our goals and vision, they tailored a custom PR strategy to take into consideration our goals and vision, of what we wanted. It was actually pretty amazing! They got us very high profile placements within a matter of days. Definitely check them out!

Casey Adams


I just want to give a big shout out to Dillon Kivo, for always hooking it up whenever I need to get into press. He's got me in different publications, and he always sticks to his word. He's a real deal!

Manny Khoshbin

real estate entrepreneur

I just wanted to share my success with Dillon Kivo and Authority Titans. Great resource to get PR for your company, and publications. Great communication, fast,and I'm very happy.

Brad Lea


If you guys need some sort of publicist, you need some attention, you need some people driving traffic your way, getting you on podcasts, in magazines, hit my man Dillon Kivo up!

Famous Dyl

Music Artist

Thanks for getting me placed in the New York Weekly, really professional process working with Dillon. So if you need any press, go hit im up!

Marcus Peterson

nfl Player

I've had the pleasure to working with Dillon for about almost two years now. As far as his expertise and PR me being an athlete, model and entrepreneur, just kind of align with each other. So what he's done for me, getting me published in several news outlets like MSNBC, and other lucrative media outlets. Working with Dillon has been a great enhancement to my creatives last two years.

Ryan from Hammy TV


I just want to get Dillon Kivo a huge shout out for getting me on the MSNBC. If you guys need any type of PR, Dillon is the go-to guy.

Rob Griffith

NFL Player

Shout out to my man Dillon Kivo, has been doing exceptional work for me. If you want to be on any article whether it's entrepreneur or inc, Buzzfeed, or any of those kind of influencer or entrepreneurial articles, Dillon Kivo is the man.



A big shout out to Dillon Kivo, the PR guru, I appreciate you man for all your hard work!

Uno Paper Boi

Rap Artist

I’ll tell you about PR with Authority Titans, the best thing that I have ever did in my career. My Google presence now is lit. Thanks to Dillon Kivo and the rest of the team!

Nakia Dillard


I just wanna give a big shout out to Dillon Kivo for doing the PR and make everything keep going.



Thanks for getting me placed in the New York Weekly, really professional process working with Dillon. So if you need any press, go hit im up!

Christian J Smith

American forex trader, Entrepreneur

If you wanna get featured in major publications, either you or your business, you wanna get in magazines, Dillon is the plug. He delivers, he'll work with you, he'll help build your brand.

TK the Rapper

Rap Artist

Ever since that you've started doing the PR for our company, I've never seen anybody more knowledgeable, anybody more connected definitely and someone who just understands what you know, what your business needs.

Anthony Crouchelli

Fitness Expert

I wanted to say a big thank you to Dillon and his team for everything. They've been absolute rock stars through the PR world. He essentially wrote me a couple great articles that kind of have elevated my fitness platform just overnight.

Ricky Aranda


Thank you for all the work that you did on our PR. And as far as the personal PR that you guys did with me, it was very easy, and what I loved about it is whatever you said you guys were gonna do, you were gonna do it. So definitely recommend you guys to anybody



Dillon was absolutely amazing to work with, he replies super quick. He basically got me exactly what I wanted in the time frame that I needed it. my business has increased 10, 20, 30x!

Eric Zhivalyuk


They're consistent, they're transparent and they deliver every single time. Germ Hero is a quickly growing startup and we're expanding quickly they've been able to help us scale that growth.

Jose Montero


we worked with Dillon and the team this past the month, and he got us to five publications very easily. Which was great because we were busy, so he and his team handled it very well and professionalIf you guys are looking for any PR done, work with him and his team.

American One Roofing

Construction Company

Thank you to Dillon and we recommend him 110%. He was able to write articles for us, create a PR experience that we never thought it was possible. He was able to get our name out there and show proof of what we have been doing for the past five years.

Craig Davis (CeoGamble)


Dillon has helped me tremendously with my brand, has got me publications that I wouldn't have been able to seal without them honestly, and even interviews that accelerated my business 100%.

Avi G.


If you're thinking about doing any kind of PR, Dillon is definitely is your guy. He's gotten me featured in multiple different publications which definitely help from a business standpoint. He is you know very easy to work with. Absolutely fantastic overall.

Paolo Mota


I want to give a special thanks to Authority Titans, and Dillon Kivo, for all the work you've been doing about publications, they bring the word of Union Studios out to the world thank you!

Meg Rock

Megapreneur and Coach

I started working with Dillon Kivo 6 months ago and he has completely grown and expanded and transformed my coaching business. Dillon knows everything there is to know about the PR world and he can get you topnotch press.

Johnie Spencer (Jay Keys)

Inspirational Gospel Artist

It’s been a pleasure working with Dillon, that I went from 13 followers on instagram to over 27000 followers! With the work that he do, you will not be disappointed.

Alabama Nick

Independent Music Artist

I have been advertised by Dillon Kivo and it spread like wildfire, it literally went crazy. Got producers and record labels blowing me up right now. It’s nuts! Get published now you won’t regret it.

Nick Hardy


The team at Authority Titans is awesome! They excel in providing superior service. They are responsive, results driven and a pleasure to work with. They seek to establish long term relationships with their clients. Truly a top tier PR firm

Kyle Stevens

5 Star rating from trustpilot

Authority TItans helped give me a boost in the public eye just at the right time. I needed to get my name out there, and the service provided was easy and seamless. Questions that I had were answered quickly and with a friendliness that you often don't get with other agencies.

Brayan Ramirez

5 Star rating from trustpilot

From start to finish the work that they have done for my business and the walkthrough that I had gotten was beyond expectations. Thank you Authority Titans for your hard work and guidance.

Zach Beebe


From top to bottom working with this team has been amazing! They had a lot on insight to what I was trying to achieve. They did 3 amazing articles for myself. From this my company has got some great exposure!

Dylan Rios

5 Star rating from trustpilot

Working with Dillon and his team has been a perfect fit for us. They produced outstanding articles for us and successfully launched in a 10 day turnaround. Highly recommended.

Zachary Moskowitz

5 Star rating from trustpilot

Authority Titans is an amazing company. They helped me get published in so many sources and it really helped my brand. Dillon Kivo is amazing and so is his company and all of the staff. Great PR firm, highly recommend.

LaDeidra Stokes


I enjoy working with Authority Titans! They have helped my business grow in many ways. I have been working with them for the past two years and I am grateful for the opportunities they provide to help my business grow.

Peter Lopez

5 Star rating from trustpilot

Dillon Kivo and Authority Titians had the most seamless process, when it came to getting the right press and exposure. They asked the right questions and took there time with the team and gave us the best press we had in a long time.

Hype And Vibe Promos

5 Star rating from trustpilot

I work as a freelancer and authority Titans have really changed my life I can blindly trust them to get my clients published online and they do that within 24 hours

Seth Leitman


I've always wanted to get Pr but didn't know where to start. I worked with Dillon over at Authority and couldn't be happier. To think though you'll get a check mark after your first round of press is not realistic.

Portland, OR