How to Get Published in the News

Entrepreneurs ask this question—“How to get my business published in the news without paying advertising fees?” Here’s how to get published in the news.

How to Get Published in the News without Paying for Ads

There are thousands and thousands of great products, artists, brands, and businesses that people never hear about because they struggle to get the word out. One of the best ways to build awareness for your business or brand is to get on a newspaper or magazine, but sometimes publications charge ridiculous ad fees just to be mentioned on their website. Thankfully, there’s a way to hack the system. 

Getting on the news brings so much value to a brand. First, it accelerates your brand growth by giving you credibility and authority almost instantly. As a result, people trust you more and gravitate towards what you say, and eventually, what you offer. So how does one get featured in a publication or magazine, for instance? Here’s how to get published in the news without paying for ads.

1. Clarify your message

The first step to getting on the news is building clarity around your brand story and messaging. If there’s one thing that newspapers and magazines value, it’s a great story that engages people. Try to move away from being a cliche and laser in on a niche story that makes you stand out from the crowd. The goal is to be different—that always catches people’s attention. If you aren’t naturally good at communicating with the written word, consider getting a writer to create your press release.

2. Build credibility

The first question online publications will ask when they receive publication requests is why you are an authority in your field of expertise. Before going to the news to tell the world about your album, innovative product, book, podcast, or anything you want to promote, try to establish authority first. Gather any awards you might have won in the past or build a social media following. Publish online articles and blogs and create videos that show your knowledge and expertise on a certain subject matter.

3. Look for Publications Around Your Expertise

Just getting on any publication for the heck of it won’t cut it. You’ll need to find the ones that are relevant to you. Take time to research online magazines and publications that share your industry, beliefs, and values. Are you in technology or music? Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement? Reaching out to publications with your shared values or industry to get featured will increase your chances of getting out there.

4. Put yourself out there

The third and often ignored step is just to put yourself out there. So many people suffer from a bad case of imposter syndrome and discount themselves too early into the process. Often, people have more to offer than they give themselves credit for. It’s common for people to doubt themselves, especially when they’re early in the process. But if you want to go far, you’ll need to overcome that doubt and take the first step. Remember that “nos” are expected, and you’ll have to get a few of them before you get a “yes.”

Bonus Tip: Work with a publicist

Here’s a bonus tip to hack the publication system—hire someone who’s done it multiple times in the past. What you want to do is work with a publicist or PR company that has shown a track record of getting successful placements. There will be a cost involved, but think of it as paying for someone’s time, expertise, and results—something you’ll end up paying for in list time and energy if you did it yourself. And in most scenarios, the cost of a publicist’s services will only be a slight fraction of newspaper advertising fees.

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