How to Get Your Name on Google and Get Thousands of Leads and Followers

Have you ever tried Googling your name? Don’t worry; there’s no judgment here! But when you did, what did you see? If you found that most people who appeared after hitting search on the Google homepage weren’t you, and you’re trying to grow a personal brand, it can be frustrating. But there are some things you can do about it, and it’s not as complicated as most think.

Search engines are still the leading sources of traffic, traction, and business results, especially Google. So getting your name to appear on Google is very important if you’re building a brand, launching a business, or trying to build authority. So what does it take to get your name on Google and in front of thousands and thousands of followers? Here’s how to get your name on Google and become famous and credible.

Have a personal website

One essential element to all of this is your own personal dot com. Having a website puts you in a better spot to create the necessary content that will put your name, contact details, offering, and social media links in front of many people. In addition, having a website helps with search engine optimization because it gives you an ecosphere that is entirely in your control. You’re no longer a slave to algorithms, community standards, posting rules and so on. So start with building a personal site. We highly recommend doing it on Squarespace or WordPress.

Add keywords in the right places

Once you have a website that looks good, the next step is to start creating the written content and putting your name as a keyword in all the right places. Mention it a few times across the website and ensure that it’s tastefully put in there. Don’t just put in keywords for the sake of having them. The constructs of your copies need to make sense. 

Your name should appear on all pages in three strategic places:

  • Headers — Like page titles and other headlines
  • Body — The body form content on your website
  • Metadata — The description of the page that appears under the title on the Google search card

Do your best to also put out content regularly in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos (embedded to the website with descriptions) and so on. It gives Google more reason to crawl on your website and leave tags on your name hits.

Add internal and external links

The following crucial element to a Google invasion strategy is putting in links on your website to relevant content. For example, get on podcasts and shows or write guest posts on other blogs, then link them to other parts of your website. You’ll also want to add internal links like putting links of blogs to your about page and vice versa. The more links that go around, the higher your name will rank on Google.

Patience is key

All in all, these practices need to happen regularly for long periods. Search engine optimization is rarely ever an overnight endeavor. So be patient and put in the work. In due time, you’ll start appearing on Google searches and getting more hits, inquiries, bookings, followers, and any result you want for your brand.